Hi, I'm Rob and this is my fisrt asset pack =) To play the demonstration above use WASD, space to jump, nº0 toattack. Below is the description of the content in each file.

Enemies file contains bird and potato spider with 3 animations each, which are attack, idle and death.

Aseprite files of the bird  animations.

Player n HUD  file contains:

- Life and Gas bar, each one composite of 2 sprites.

- Player animations: stand, walk, jump, fall. And an attack version for each animation. 

- Player death animation.

- Damage and Dust (Jump n fall) a nimations.

- Life n Gas collectable item with your respective animation.

- Back to menu button.

Terrain, Background n Clouds file contains: 4 types of environment (rock, purple, blue n desert) that represent alien planets. 

-Terrain Background Tileset: 16x16, 47 tiles rock, 41 tiles purple, 41 tiles blue n 47 tiles desert.

-Terrain Tileset: 16x16, 47 tiles of each terrain type.

- Separated files included if you don't work with tilemap.

- 5 types of sky, 15 mountains background and 15 clouds.

- 45 Decoration sprites, that include grass, rocks, cactus, alien rocks and others.

- PSD files that contains all the items above.

Construct2 template file contains:

- CAPX with all events commented.

- All assets included.

- Sounds paste with effects and a music.

Update - Version 2 files:

Playerv2 file contains all animations with the new diaogonal attack animations.

Construct2 template v2 contains new animation dynamics when player is over ramp section (diagonal attack animations ).

Video demonstration:

 Request, support, feedback: contactscikor@gmail.com or in the commentary section. Thanks and have fun with this assets!

Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Rob_scikor 


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In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Enemies.zip 33 kB
Player n HUD.zip 61 kB
Playerv2.zip 121 kB
Terrain, Background n Clouds.zip 1 MB
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Construct2 template.rar 8 MB
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Construct2 Template_v2.zip 7 MB
if you pay $4 USD or more


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Could you add a walking upwards downwards diagonal and shooting in those directions? Thanks (I purchased it)

Thanks for your purchase! 

Yes, I understand the need for these animations for the ramp section. One solution would be to set the angle of the player when it was on a ramp type object, hmm thinking here, it may seem strange. Making the animations and defining when you are on the type ramp object is the most correct. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try.

I made the adds and changes. I had to change the events and insert other type of solid for the diagonal. It's all on the v2 template! =)

thanks :)