Commented events for better understanding and learning!

Mechanics in this template:

Power Up system with cooldown feedback in the HUD:

 - Collecting itens
 - Plataform launch (Bass Spawn)
 - Double Jump with animated fx ("Drum plate" double jump)
 - Slow time with clock effect (synth time)
 - Indication of false platforms (Zflute)

Plataforms in musical scale:

 - the game platforms follow a musical scale and platforms that are outside that scale are fake and disappear when colliding with them.
 - Damage Notes (red arrows)
 - Oxygen points system

Player animations:

 -jump, run, fall, idle(dancing)

Alien Enemy and AlienShip

 - Alien Mechanic
 - Moving Particles fx

Trasition effect and menu programing included.

PSD file and all assets

 - background
 - keyboard notes fx
 - itens fx
 - power-ups cooldown 
 - spritefont included

Music changing parts system

-Each time player collect an intrument, starts the music part that contain the added intrument.
-C#minor level with 5 music parts
-Cmajor level with 4 music parts
-Music bug corretion programing for slower loading of the musics.


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